Facts Matter


As we start the new year, few would have predicted the turmoil in Washington that has had much repercussions across the country. Clearly, words matter, though facts seem not to. The incitement to protest was not based on anything substantiated, but just a wish to undo an outcome some people did not like. The refusal to accept the facts about the election was based on false claims of fraud. Eighty judges and the Attorney General of the United States were not persuasive. But a lie repeated often enough by enough people somehow convinced many to believe and a few thousand to react.

Sometimes it is not the lie, but just an unwillingness to face the facts. A recent Tallahassee new report said last year’s crime data was skewed by a typo regarding auto theft and that rate rather than going up really went down. The truth is non-violent crime did go down, but violent crime was up dramatically. The latest data for 2020 from FDLE makes the point and highlights a most serious concern that really demands attention.

If you care about data and facts, feel free to contact us and join the 21st Century Council in our efforts.

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