The Digital World Forum

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A friend, Retired Professor Charles Howell, described the online information world in this way: Digital information is curated for the purpose of consumption, not communal interaction or a thoughtful interchange of ideas. The sad thing is that we have fewer and fewer opportunities these days to discuss issues in a way that seeks solutions rather…

Keeping Children Safe

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Every parent and grandparent worries about the health and safety of their children. Past surveys reflected parents’ desire for their children to grow up to be happy or financially secure. But more and more caregivers hope their children stay safe during their school, and especially teen years. Safety takes many forms. Obviously, physical safety is…

Adverse Childhood Events

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Recent research (Chapman, et. al.) has highlighted the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and later negative mental health outcomes, substance abuse, domestic violence and antisocial behavior. It is true that not all children who experience negative events in the home or community develop serious problems as many find help to build resilience and coping strategies….

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