Author: James Croteau

Eliminating DEI: A tale to two universities

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Jim Croteau Following Governor DeSantis and the Legislature banning Diversity, Equity and Inclusion funding at the state universities, two flagship schools had different approaches to the prohibition. The University of Florida fired 13 full time DEI staff and eliminated 15 administrative appointments. Florida State University fired no one and placed people in compliance and support…


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Congressman Dr. Neal Dunn’s efforts to find out why the local United States Postal Service mail delivery issues are so prevalent is well appreciated. My own experience included a birthday card mailed from a friend a few miles away five days before my birthday arriving two weeks after and a Christmas card mailed locally a…

2023 Kaufman and Gant Awards

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The 21st Century Council and Florida State University College of Education with the support of the United Partners for Human Services are pleased to announce this year’s award winners. The Roger Kaufman Exemplary Community Agency Award recognizes the effective use of data for identifying and prioritizing client and/or community needs and documents program impacts and…

Teachers deserve more

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Teachers deserve more than the State wants to give them My Turn Jim Croteau George Washington once wrote, “There is nothing which can better deserve your patronage than the promotion of science and literature. Knowledge is in every country the surest basis of public happiness.” Sadly, today’s conflict is between “your science and books” and…

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