Peace and Social Justice


At this time of year we exchange greetings and best wishes, hoping the holidays and year ahead will be filled with peace and joy. This year with the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, happiness may be hard to come by for families who have experienced personal or economic losses. Social distancing and restricted travel may also contribute to a sense of isolation or depression as well.

Peace of mind comes with knowing that things will work out. But sometimes help is needed to manage the basics of food, housing and health. This is where social justice comes in. As we look around we see that not everyone is affected the same way by the events of everyday life. Some may say that is the individual’s fault. Some may say that is just the way things are. Some may say there are government programs and non-profits to help out. All of that may be true. But it does not relieve us from the obligation to look at our neighbors and ask how we can help balance the scale of their lives.

Social justice is helping to ensure that everyone, no matter their color, creed or circumstances, has their basic needs met and barriers to their future happiness removed. That cannot be done by organizations alone without our help. Our data sometimes points out the inequities in the community and areas of concern. The data, however, does not help people. Other people help people. Solutions are out there, but they need our support. It can be financial or time, prayers or action, but we must be a part. If we are not part of the solution, as the saying goes, then we may be part of the perpetuation of the problem. Tis the season, wishing you peace and joy.

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