2023 Kaufman and Gant Awards


The 21st Century Council and Florida State University College of Education with the support of the United Partners for Human Services are pleased to announce this year’s award winners.

The Roger Kaufman Exemplary Community Agency Award recognizes the effective use of data for identifying and prioritizing client and/or community needs and documents program impacts and outcomes related to those needs. The 2023 award winner is the Big Bend Continuum of Care. Their Data Dashboard tracks a range of variables related to homeless populations and services to inform policies and programs and document the utilization of services and results.

Two selections were made for the Jack Gant Innovative Community Program Award. This award highlights a highly effective or innovative practice that addresses and important quality of life issues or critical need in the community. The first awardee is Carter’s Corner Community Services. Recognized is their 12-week parenting program for at-risk fathers aimed at strengthening families and improving domestic stability.

The second Gant award is made to Scientiae for their Pathways STEM Enrichment Program for K-5 students. The activities include coding, designing and building structures and experimenting with technology with a hands-on approach.

Presentation of these awards are made at the annual UPHS conference and their support is greatly appreciated. $1000 award was made to the Kaufman honoree and $500 to each of the Gant awardees through the FSU College of Education and the 21st Century Council.

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