COVID-19 in Florida


There have been several discussions over the accuracy and timeliness of reporting on COVID-19 by the State of Florida. One alternative site that has proven to be reliable is the Florida COVID-19 Dashboard found at As of October 26, 2020 the site reported 786,311 positive cases found in Florida with a test positivity rate of 13.1%. There were 48,512 hospitalizations and 16,505 deaths attributed to the virus.

With the politicalizing of mask wearing and social distancing, basic precautions are not always the norm. Seniors and persons of color have been particularly at risk and are more apt to take steps to reduce risks. The largest portion of new cases are from younger people, many of who feel immune to the disease. What is important to remember is that transmission from non-symptomatic individuals is the source of most outbreaks and family and social clusters often become the hotspots.

Coping with COVID-19 looks to be a long term effort. Fatigue with restrictions and economic impacts have made it challenging to maintain a focus on prevention. The quality of life in many communities has been and will be seriously affected. Impacts on food insecurity, housing displacement and educational attainment should all be monitored in addition to the simple data of cases and deaths.


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