Author: James Croteau

Definition of Poverty

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Ruby Payne defines poverty as: “The extent to which an individual does without resources.” The important resources are defined as: FINANCIAL: Having money to purchase goods and services. EMOTIONAL: Being able to choose and control emotional responses, particularly to negative situations, without engaging in self destructive behaviors. MENTAL: Having the mental abilities and acquired skills…


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My concern with most needs assessments is with the definitions and use of the terms “outcomes” and “needs”. The. traditional approach is to inventory and assess how existing programs are doing and seek to identify what more is needed to meet the demand in the community. What is called for first is a gap analysis…

Facts Matter

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As we start the new year, few would have predicted the turmoil in Washington that has had much repercussions across the country. Clearly, words matter, though facts seem not to. The incitement to protest was not based on anything substantiated, but just a wish to undo an outcome some people did not like. The refusal…

Holiday Season

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As we start the Holiday Season, there is much optimism over the potential of vaccines for COVID-19. However, the realists among us recognize that the next few months will be a challenge as we endure continued economic issues for many families and the cold and flu season. The pressures on local non-profits and churches to…

COVID-19 in Florida

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There have been several discussions over the accuracy and timeliness of reporting on COVID-19 by the State of Florida. One alternative site that has proven to be reliable is the Florida COVID-19 Dashboard found at As of October 26, 2020 the site reported 786,311 positive cases found in Florida with a test positivity rate…

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