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1. Mission
Working to improve the Quality of Life in Leon County.

2. Long-Term Goals
Council Staff will be vital to restoring credibility and vibrancy to the organization. For now, in order to update the QOL Report, temporary staff should be hired to update data. The use of temporary staff to manage the studies should be considered. Full-time staff are the eventual goal.
Revenue sources should be identified and recruited to help sponsor each report and study. Attempts to broaden the revenue base will ensure longevity.

3. Quality of Life Report
As citizens of Leon County, we are all concerned with the quality of life in our community. The mission of the 21st Century Council is to bring community partners together to continue to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in Tallahassee-Leon County. The first step is looking at data on how our community is doing in several important areas.

The Tallahassee-Leon County Quality of Life Report presents data on 77 indicators of well-being, spanning seven major areas: Families, Public Safety, Health, Education, Economy, Community and Environment. The purpose of these indicators is to provide a baseline for identifying priorities, developing solutions and tracking progress toward a better life for all members of our community, particularly our children.

The Quality of Life Report does not evaluate any particular group, service, or organization in the community. Instead, its purpose is to assist 21st Century Council members to:

  • Describe emerging trends and opportunities that can be prioritized and acted upon by people, organizations and institutions that can have an impact on quality of life in Tallahassee-Leon County.
  • Serve as a catalyst for decision-makers to examine the effectiveness of strategies and use of resources with an eye toward measurable improvement.
  • Inform citizens of Tallahassee and Leon County and help them monitor the quality of life indicators in their community that are important to them.

The 21st Century Council hopes citizens, organizations and institutions – such as the United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Leon County Public Schools, and city and county government – will find that this report helps them make better policy, program and funding decisions and assists them in monitoring the success of their efforts.

To facilitate collaboration among community partners, the 21st Century Council plans to establish committees for each area of the report: Families, Public Safety, Health, Education, Economy, Community and Environment. These committees will work with local organizations to examine trends, identify positive impacts to date, and target areas where new strategies may need to be developed. In some cases, a survey or special study may be commissioned to better understand the problem or inform a course of action.

4. How to Implement Strategic Plan
Board Membership must be representative of the largest aspects of our community. This includes:

Florida’s Capital Community
State agencies
City of Tallahassee
Leon County Government

Capital for Learning
Florida State University
Florida A&M University
Tallahassee Community College
Leon County School District

Capital for Living
United Way
Leadership Tallahassee
Law Firms

5. Responsibilities
Board Member Responsibilities: each member should be willing to focus on advancing a specific work plan issue. There are at least four standing committees that would help actuate the work plan:

Quality of Life Report: responsible for data collection and report production.

Study Committee: responsible for developing list of study topics, selecting topic with Board, defining questions to be answered in project, data collection, report production and dissemination.

Implementation Committee: responsible for assisting in the implementation of recommendations put forth in Council reports.

Development Committee: responsible for the myriad of other projects including newsletter publishing, fundraising, and general public relations.

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