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  The Tallahassee-Leon County 21st Century Council
Quality of Life/Sustainability
Community Indicators 



Voter Participation

  • Indicator: District Voter Turnout Analysis for 2012 General Election

  • Data Source: http://www.leonvotes.org/Portals/Leon/Documents/data_lists/2012/District%20voter%20Turnout%20Analysis.pdf

  • Data Points: Leon County had one of the highest voter turnouts in the State for the 2012 General Election at 78.1%. Slightly more people early voted or used absentee ballots than voted ate the polls (75,476 vs. 73,397).

  • Observations: Eligible voters in Leon Counted in 2012 included 103,641 Democrats, 52,302 Republicans, 28,443 No Party Affiliation and 6185 Other Parties. Turnout for Republicans was slightly higher than Democrats and both were significantly higher than NPA and OP. White and black voter turnout were comparable (78.8 vs.78% with Hispanic at 70.6 and others at 75.9.

  • Date Posted: June 2014


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Crime Rates

  • Indicator: Leon County Crime Rates

  • Data Source: http://www.talgov.com/planning/planning-support-stat-digest14.aspx; www.fdle.state.fl.us/content/FSAC/FSAC-Home.aspx  

  • Data Points: Leon County Crime Rates, Rates per 100,000 Residents (2008-2013) reflects an annual 4.9% decrease in violent crimes from 2008 (839.6 per 100K residents) to 2013 (658.5) led by robbery (10.9% annual decline). Murders remained essentially the same and forcible sex offenses increased (3.8% annual rate).  Total Index Crime for Florida County and Offense (2013) show Leon County crime rate index significantly higher than the overall state rate (index rate of 4720.2 per 100K residents vs. 3627.3)

  • Observations: The decline in violent and property crimes in Leon County has not been as significant as the decline in the state rates and remains at a level much higher than the state in many categories. The overall crime rate for 2013 is only exceeded by Miami-Dade, Escambia and Orange Counties.

  • Date Posted: June 2014

Sexual Assaults

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Gang Violence

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

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