Gant-Kaufman Awards

21st Century Council Gant-Kaufman Awards

In June 2014 the 21st Century Council announced an endowment established to honor two founding members.

Roger Kaufman, Ph.D. and James L. “Jack” Gant, Ph.D. are two nationally and internationally recognized scholars in their fields. Jack served as he first African-American dean of the FSU College of Education. Roger retired from the College of Education as Professor Emeritus. In addition to their word-wide speaking, consulting and training activities, both men have given much time, energy and expertise to their local community. They were integral in the establishment of the 21st Century Council 30 years ago as a non-partisan coalition of citizens seeking to impact policies and practices that maintain or improve the quality of life for all our citizens. In recognition of their commitment, the Council has established an endowment with the Florida State University College of Education to support annual awards in their names. Donations may be made to the endowment at the College of Education through the FSU Foundation.

The Roger Kaufman Exemplary Communication Award

The Kaufman Award is given to the agency that best illustrates the effective utilization of data, especially local data, for identifying and prioritizing client and/or community needs and documents the agency’s program impact and outcomes that show the mitigation of the identified needs and measurable benefits to the clients served. The Award recipients include:

2020 Elder Care Services

2019 Elder Care Service

2018 Rotary Youth Camp

2017 Pace Center for Girls

2016 2-1-1 Big Bend

2015 Elder Care Services

The Jack Gant Innovative Community Program Award

The Gant Award is given to a social service agency that implements a highly effective or innovative practice that addresses an important quality of life issue or critical need in the community. The Award recipients include:

2018 Delta Kappa Omega

2019 Manna on Meridian

2020 Sickle Cell Foundation Project Thrive: 2-1-1 Big Bend Covid-19

For more information on how to apply for the awards look for the due date announcement on the Blog page and refer to the announcement below.

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